Windows or Linux
† 50/100 MB storage space
† 1 GB Bandwidth
† 2 ODBC/DSN (Win)
† 5 MySQL Databases (Linux)
† 5 POP3 Email Accounts
† Control Panel Management
Windows or Linux
† 200 MB storage space
† 2 GB Bandwidth
† Unlimited ODBC/DSN (Win)
† 10 MySQL Databases (Linux)
† 100 POP3 Email Accounts
† Control Panel Management
Windows or Linux
† 300 MB storage space
† 3 GB Bandwidth
† Unlimited ODBC/DSN (Win)
† 15 MySQL Databases (Linux)
† 150 POP3 Email Accounts
† ASP.NET (Win)
† Control Panel Management
Knowledgebase Access, Email Support and Documents/Tutorials all provided as standard. Email's to our support team are normally replied to within 24 hours.

Click Here to login to our support pages for free downloads, help documents and tutorials.
The support we have received has been fantastic, allowing us to administer and update our church website with new features such as content management !
pastor Trevor Lewis
NOW FREE - URL Security

All Hosting packages now come with FREE URL Security which allows you to password protect folders within your website.

This solution can be fully integrated into your control panel. We have integrated it into this website to allow only customers to login to our support pages.
New Website Launched - June 2004
Helping to provide users and clients a better all-round experience, we have created a brand new website with loads of new features and enhancements.
Knowledgebase Access
We have provided a new support knowledgebase to help our customer make the most of their website hosting.
Email Only Hosting Account
10 POP3 Email Accounts
Control Panel Management
Only £20 pa

† CGI-Bin/Perl
† FTP Accounts (except Email)
† URL/Folder Security
† Web Mail
† File Manager
† Graphical Stats
† 24x7 Monitoring

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